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19-May-2016 12:15

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I also hate the weird sense of “duty” that is often batted around in these conversations, as if you’re somehow betraying an entire race by dating outside of it, disparaging your ancestors in the process.

I’m pretty sure my ancestors would want me to be with someone who loved me unconditionally first and foremost, not which hair products they use.

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We all live under this umbrella of bias, and it’s really hard to see out from under it’s shadow, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that our preferences, which we feel are so unique to us, are heavily influenced by the deluge of racial imagery we confront every day.Ask ourselves the tough questions about why we like what we like.Step outside our assumptions and recognize that everyone has a story.If they are culturally created, they can be culturally uncreated; it just takes some work. It’s worth your time and energy to look past stereotypes and try, whenever possible, to see people as people.

***** The point here is not to go out and get yourself a __________ girlfriend or boyfriend to prove how politically correct you are; that’s it’s own kind of racist. When President Obama spoke after the George Zimmerman verdict, he said, “At least you ask yourself your own questions about, am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can?Selena Gomez is not America Ferrera is not Sofia Vergara is not Penelope Cruz is not Shakira is not Rosario Dawson.