Msbuild validating web site

24-Feb-2016 21:00

Please let us know how it works for you: bugs, feedback, suggestion. By default TFS Build will redirect the output of your projects to one location(specified by the Binaries Directory parameter).In fact, this has been one of the top requests on Nu Get our issue tracker.The good news is that Nu Get now offers a workflow which goes a long way to solving this problem.One solution to consider using is the built-in "Web Setup Project" support that is built-in to Visual Studio 2005.

You also want the setup program to prompt the customer for the database location that the new application should use, and have the setup program automatically update the web.config file with the database connectionstring settings the customer provided.It isn’t 100% automated yet, but with some minimal pain you can set up your project to do this.Earlier, I blogged about how you can install Nu Get packages from the command line by using Nu Get Nu from here if you don’t already have it, and run ‘nuget -update’ to self-update it. As an aside, the -o flag is new and lets you specify where the package is installed.

But the big new thing is that you can now run it on a packages.config file.

They wanted the same behavior as in Visual Studio so that the files are available under e.g. This makes it easier for them to run WSPBuilder and create deployment packages.