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23-Jul-2016 15:39

It’s broken into five parts, each with a different animation style that takes inspiration from various artists, including Egon Schiele.

Del Toro will be featured in a segment, , which centers on a man being tortured during the Spanish Inquisition.

There are still a lot of elements of humanity with the backdrop of it being an alien invasion show.

The interpersonal relationships feel plausible, real and relatable. Something about real skin, real breath, dealing with these very adverse circumstances. There’s something very soulful inside of who these people are, and it’s such an extreme situation and I think people can sort of relate to being in such an extreme situation now. That we’re filming this show about people who have lost everything that they used to define themselves up to this point.

stopped by Comic-Con to talk about the current second season, the network’s renewal of the show for a third season and how inspiring it is to have the audience’s support.

You can check out our previous interviews with the cast here.

We sort of alternate being mother and father to the 2 Mass which I think is kind of cool.

And I really like, obviously…every day that I get to play with Will is a good day on set. These things are often mercurial, and if we were able to identify it, then there would be a lot more successful shows on TV.

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It’s a civilian army, it’s an adolescent army; it’s going to require teaching skills and leadership skills, so there’s a nice bit of transference that’s happening depending upon what’s going on in a given episode.

With all the advances we’ve made in communications and science, do you think we’re any closer to an actual alien invasion?

Wyle: I’d like to see one just to see how close we’ve come in all the various incarnations and iterations we’ve seen or whether they look like a big pile of linguine. Because we don’t know what it looks like because it hasn’t been designed yet.

So, the closer they bring our characters together, the closer we get to be on set, makes the work that much more fun for me. But my guess is, and I’m at a bit of a disadvantage because I’ve never watched V, but from feedback that I’ve received, is that the show feels very grounded.

It’s easy to identify with these characters, it’s easy to identify with loss and grief and his character reuniting with his daughter.

Lena was born in Rhode Island, also to Russian Jewish parents.