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Geschichte der Buchersammler und ihrer Samm- lungen (Leipzig, 1922, 3 v.), Ill, 113-19.

4 See Otto Walde, Storhetstiden litterdra krigsbyten, en kulturhistorisk-bibliografisk studie (Upsala and Stockholm, 1916-20, 2 v.); R. Universitats-Bibliothek zu Uppsala (Upsala, 1907) reveals that almost every book among 500 was part of the "Swedish loot," 6 For a complete list of his works see La Grande Encycloptdie XXVI, 992.

Lee (London, 1885-1901, 66 v.; several sup- plements have been published). Historical criticism became a Protestant weapon and doc- uments were made missiles in the hands of the Magdeburg Centuriators.

What Lorenzo Valla had done with the forged donation of Constantine might be done with many other traditions and documents upon which the Church rested its authority.

The volumes were published without prolegom- ena or notes. In 1560 he published the first book of his great work, Recherches de la France, a series of antiquarian and historical studies, the most remarkable of which deal with the history of the Grands Jours, an institution which fell into decay in the next century.

As texts these have been indispensable to all students of Norman history until the late nineteenth century, when new and critical editions of the Norman chroniclers began to supplant them. In 1585 Pasquier was made advo- cate-general of the Chambre des Escomptes.

GIBBON Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. New times, new interests, new conditions of scholarship, new scholars. The initiative was taken by Pierre Pithou (1539-96), of a distinguished family of French legists, a friend of the historian De Thou, who with him shared the glory of historical scholarship in the reign of Henry IV, He edited and published the works of Salvian, Paul the Deacon, and Otto of Freising, and the Capitularies of Charlemagne, Louis the Pious, and Charles the Bald.

The Roman Church was slow to take alarm over the Protestant appeal to history.Ehwald, "Geschichte der Gothaer Bibliothek," Zentralblatt fur Bibliothekswesen, XVIII (1901), 434-63; C. Cooper, An Account of the Most Important Public Records of Great Britain, etc. He wrote a great number of legal works, of which- the most notable was his edition of the Leges Visigothorum. He was struck with the absence in England of seignorial juris- diction; the literary charm of the Border Ballads; the beauty of Mary Stuart; the use of coal instead of wood in the north; the laziness of the fellows of Oxford and Cambridge.