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After returning home, he told Elizabeth that she was the only woman in his life (“Duty and Honor”).


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In April, 1962, Viktor Zhukov introduced Philip to Elizabeth, another Directorate S operative in training, who was to be his wife in America solely as a cover story.During the commutes, he encountered gangs who regularly beat him up.As a teenager, he met a girl named Irina and developed a relationship with her.Through the first fifteen years of living undercover in America, he adapted to the American way of life.


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Even though he was taught his whole life how America was the enemy, he grew to think it was not that bad., Knock Knock, Knock Knock, Little infinity, Pinoy Jokes & Humor, Green Jokes from Tagged, Hack Page, The Seventh Letter, PEACE CLUB, Philippine Graffiti, Smart Communications, Inc., Artistahing Pinoy., FLAT NGA PINK Naman, Open Minded Creature, Walang bastos sa taong Open-Minded, Taking hits from the bong, Boil up, Unsolved Nz Murders, Fuck the pigshits, DIRTY FOOT POSSE, Pinay Hot Babes, Custom vans shoes, Vans Shoes, Zombi tsunami, Family Qoutes, Fallen Footwear, Qoutes Patama, Laughing Jack, FUNKFLEX,, Yexel's Toy Museum, Hiro and Mitch, Aquasixio - Cyril ROLANDO, Tran Nguyen's Art, Rik Lee Illustration, Bryan Holland Arts, Fixie Manila, Taylor Gang or ..., LNHS Secret Files, Oo nga nemen Ü, Crushtagram ツ, Crush Kita, Joke, joke, joke, Sam Pinto, Anne Curtis, Clogtwo, Graff.