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10-Nov-2016 16:17

Make sure when getting ready to click a snap especially for uploading on social media, clear up the background.

Keep the backdrop perfectly clean so that nothing ruins your perfect profile picture.

Basic editing does not need any real skills, just use different apps available on the net and experiment with them.

Add doodles or change the color of the image, there are a lot of editing options that you can play with and get a picture perfect enough to be called you “profile photo”.

Before taking profile picture or even a full portrait, just make sure you are dressed up well and smile to add magic to your picture.

Thanks to the social media which connects thousands of people across the world, people have become more conscious about their looks.

Let nature help you in creating magic with your pictures and in case if you are planning to shoot at night, choose a point with high lightning and let it to the trick.

Getting a few hundred likes and positive comments from your closed ones are what makes people more conscious about themselves.But even with the best of equipment, not everyone can take a great picture although taking a good one is not difficult.You may still don’t know how to take a profile picture. You need to have an eye that could be used to capture the mesmerizing beauty of a place or of a person and put life into a picture.Trying hard for taking a good photo just because you want to make someone jealous is a common act now.

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Showing off your style and trying to impress with your looks is what motivates others to click selfies but of course, not everyone has mastered this art.You don’t want the world to know what a mess your room is when setting up a profile picture.

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She explained to my mom that they'd be moving at the end of the month and she was trying to collect as many boxes as she could. And to think that those plastic pants were not for some baby, they were for me! As I began to do that, I noticed the plastic sheet was very noticeable also. Brad read from the package: "`fitted 100% waterproof vinyl mattress protector'. When things quieted down a little, Brad spoke to my mom. Once home I was told to bring my new `baby' stuff up to my room. "But..." "Don't worry, other arrangements have been made." Other arrangements! Worse than my worst nightmare, because he had a friend with him. I asked Kevin, the boy who came when you were away, but he wasn't available." "No problem." Hiro and Yoshi talked quietly back and forth, as if Hiro were explaining. Oh, and while you're waiting, you can strip your bed and remake it with your new plastic cover and a flannelette sheet.… continue reading »

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