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If this is the route they’re going down, there is a ton of rises, falls and feuds in hip-hop history that could end up getting the big screen treatment, and given Straight Outta Compton’s wild success at the box office it’s clear the audience is there.

“THE BEST FROM THE WEST MAN” Daz wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him chilling with Snoop, “WWW. COM THE MOVIE THA SAGA CONTINUEZ NWA” (though the URL has yet to direct to a real website.

Daz began to work on Death Row records for co-founder Suge Knight’s project Paradise. Later on, he got a chance to work with some prominent Hip Hop artist such as Dr.

Dre, with whom he worked on The Chronic, the breakthrough west coast album.

Dre steadily grew resentful of the label's dangerous atmosphere.

Beginning with Dogg Food, which Daz produced, Dre no longer produced whole Death Row albums; in his latter days as in-house producer, he worked only with 2Pac, producing three tracks (California Love, which was originally supposed to appear on the Aftermath compilation album, California Love Remix, and Can't C Me) for the rapper's definitive album All Eyez on Me.

1973), better known by his stage name Daz Dillinger (formerly Dat Nigga Daz), is an American rapper and record producer from Long Beach, California.

Dillinger is best known for his membership of the hip hop duo Tha Dogg Pound, alongside Kurupt, as well as his work with Death Row.

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During this time a short-lived feud sparked between Daz and Snoop, regarding the latter's words against Suge Knight and the former's status at the label and disses inherent in the album, which Snoop Dogg later dropped out of respect for his cousin. Kurupt respond with "No Vaseline Part 2." The feud carried on from 2002 to 2005, while Dillinger released several solo efforts, including a 'DPGC' album with Snoop Dogg, Soopafly and Bad Azz and Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP on his own.

His status as head producer was made official once Dre left, and continued on even after 2Pac's murder and the artist-exodus it initiated. Recordz, which would for some time function as a vehicle for releasing solo albums. (as Suge still owned rights to the name 'Tha Dogg Pound' at the time).

During his tenure heading the label's sound, Daz contributed production to the Gridlock'd soundtrack, Lady of Rage's Necessary Roughness, and Nate Dogg's G-Funk Classics, Vol. His production would also pop up on the unauthorized Snoop Dogg release Dead Man Walkin' put out by Suge in 2001, after Daz himself had left the label. He and Kurupt united in 2001 for a second album, Dillinger & Young Gotti, which received mixed reviews, under the name D. The group unity was short-lived, as Kurupt would subsequently re-sign with Death Row, prompting his former groupmate to diss him several times in song and interviews.

Even before Dre left the label to found his own Aftermath Entertainment, Daz went to produce the hit songs "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted", "Ambitionz Az A Ridah", and "I Ain't Mad At Cha" among other tracks which solidified his status as a talented and successful producer.

Arnaud effectively took over as head producer, crafting 5 tracks on the double-album's first disc and providing some beats for Snoop Dogg's sophomore effort, Tha Doggfather, from which Dre's production was absent.Delmar Drew Arnaud, often known by his stage name Daz Dillinger, is a famous name in American Hip-Hop music history.