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Burnet detailed, "Craig was always a lonely character.He never had that many friends surrounding him, even during the times of Bombhead and Lee. He was always a lone soldier." Further elaborating on Craig and John Paul's connection, Burnet stated, "JP was not only a best friend but when he came out, it was a coming to terms moment for Craig – asking himself 'perhaps these feelings are OK to have for JP and I don't want to lose him as a mate'.I WILL ANSWER E-MAILS DURING THAT TIME BUT WILL NOT PROCESS ORDERS. Brands include: Academy, Access, Accura, Achiever, Acme-Lite, Acon, Acro, Adams, Adox, AGFA, Agnekolor, Airequipt, Aires, Akarex, Albert Specialty, Albinar, Alfon, Alpa, Alpex, Ambico, American Brand, American Camera Company, American Optical Co., American Photo Lab, Ampro, Analite, ANSCO, Anthony & Scovill, Apollo, Arette, ARGUS, Arion, Arkay, Arriflex, Arvin, Ascor, Atlas-Warner, Austin, Auto Brands include: Baia, Balda, Balkar, Barnett, Baskon, Bauer, Bausch & Lomb, Beattie-Coleman, Beaulieu, Beauty, Beier, Belca, BELL & HOWELL, Bentley, Bertram, BESELER, Bewi, Bilora, Bioflex, Bittco, Blair, BM Inc., Bogen, BOLEX, Bolsey, Bowens, Bower, Braun, Brockway, Broncolor, BRONICA, Brooks, Brumberger, Buff, Buhl, Burke & James, Burstein, Busch, Bushnell, Butcher Brands include: Cabin, Calumet, Cambo, Cambron, Camerz, Camflex, Cander, CANON, Capital, Capro, Carena, Cariole, Casio, Cavalier, Celestron, Cemco, Certo, Chalange, Chess-United, Chicago Ferrotype, CHINON, Cibachrome, Cinekon, Cinemax, Cinema Products, Cinklox, Ciro, Clarus, Classic, Coleman, Colorstar, Comet, Companion, Compco, Compur Shutters, Concord, Contess-a Nettel, Continental, Copal Shutters, Corfield, Corona, Coronet, Cosina, Cosmorex, Courtenay, Crawford, Creatron, C. Expo-Rite, Expophot, F-22, Fairchild, Falcon, Farallon/Oceanic, Fed, Federal, Fisher-Price, Flash Wizard, Focal, Formula V, Foth, Foto Corp., Fotron (Traid), FR, Franka-Werk, Franklin, FUJICA, Fujimoto, Fujita, Futura, Galileo, Gatling, Gemflex, General Electric, Glanz, Gocho, Goerz, Goko, Gold Crest, Golde, Goldeck, Gomz, Goodwin, GOSSEN, GRAFLEX, Gra Lab, Graphic Products, GRC, Green Things Brands include: Hahnel, Halina, Hameel, HANIMEX, Hansa, Harrison, Harvey, HASSELBLAD, Haynes, HCE, Heliopan, Herbert George, Hershey, Heurtier, Hewlett-Packard, Hickok, Hikari, Hills, HITACHI, Hitacom, Hollywood Cine, HONEYWELL, Horizont, Horseman, Horvex, Hoya, Hyundai, Ica, Ideal, IHAGEE (EXAKTA), Ikegami, Ikelite, Ilford, Iloca, Image, Impac, International Audio Visual, ITT, Iwami, Janpol, Jelco, Jem, Jobo, Johnson, JVC Brands include: Kako, Kalart, Kalimar, Kamero, Kardon, Kenko, Kenro, KEYSTONE, Kiev, Kimax, Kindermann, Kinon, Kinox, Kiron, KIS Photo, Kobena, Koboron, KODAK, KODAK RETINA, Komax, Kombi, KONICA, Kopil, Korelle, Korvette, Kosokki, KOWA, Krauss, KW, Kwik-Flex Brands include: Mc Beth, Mac Kenzie, Mag/Moviola, Magic Photoret, Magnacam, Magnavox, Magnon, Maier-Hancock, Makinon, MAMIYA, Manon, Mansfield, Marshall, Mashva, Mast, Master, Meade, Mec, Media Master, Melico, Memorex, Meopta, Meridian, Metrophot, METZ, Meyer, Midas, Military, Miller Outcalt, Miloflex, Minicam, 3-M, MINOLTA, MINOX, MIRANDA, Mitcaon, Mitchell, Mitsubishi, Monarck, Montgomery Ward, Mornick, Morris, Morse, Movie-Mite, Multiblitz, Multilith Brands include: Includes Nasco, Natco, National, National Camera, National Instrument, Nebro, Neoca, NIKON CAMERAS, NIKON ACCESSORIES, NIKON LENSES, Nimslo, Nishika, Nissin, Nizo, Norman, Norwood, Novatron, Novoflex Brands include: Okaya, Olden Camera, OLYMPUS, OMEGA, Opta-Vue, Opto/Graphics, Orbiter, Osawa, Osram, Ozalid, Paimex, Pako, Panagor, PANASONIC, Paragon, Paterson, Pathe, PCA, Pearl River, Peerless, J. The couple have been spending time together at Katie's apartment in Chelsea, New York, and she also stayed at the Trump Soho Hotel with him for a night while he was filming his new movie Annie in mid-September after which his driver brought her home the next morning.If you wish to pay with a credit card I WILL SEND YOU A PAYPAL INVOICE BY E-MAIL.

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I ask that you be patient with me as John refused to teach me to run the business and this will be trial and error for me.

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